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08 June 2006 @ 02:50 am
Few more...as always, comment if you download.

MILK - Moo Jo Gun Juk In Sa Rang ~Blind Love~ [ Korean ; R&B/Pop ]-- Kinda jazzy...but I'm just not into it too much anymore...nice chorus though.

MILK - One Summer Dream [Korean ; R&B/Pop ] -- Same as above except I'm not into it at all anymore.

Maaya Sakamoto - Hashiru [ Japanese ; Pop ] -- I actually dont even remember why I have this. Cute though...

Mai Kuraki - Start In My Life [ Japanese ; Pop/Ballad ] -- Not really into Mai Kuraki anymore...

Mai Kuraki - Secret Of My Heart [ English ; Ballad ] -- Good song...but Japanese version better.

Makiyo - Sign of Wish [ Japanese ; Pop/Ballad ] -- *shrug* Out with the old, in with the new...

Matsumoto Rika - Ai no Make Ikusa [ Japanese ; Ballad ] -- Err...dramatic ballad? Has kind of a traditional sound to...that kind of music...God i suck with descriptions...

MAX - Barairo no Hibi [ Japanese ; Pop ] -- Cover of Backstreet Boy's Larger Than Life

Mi3 - Cash (Crunk Mix) [ Korean ; i dunno... ] -- Hehe...club music...

M2M - The Big Room [ALUBM] [ English ; Pop/Ballad ] -- LOVE M2M but this album just didnt seem to be anywhere near as good as Shades of Purple.
17 May 2006 @ 01:52 am
Yay for more music~~ I'm so bored I think I'll write why I deleted them...hehehe...

General rules apply...songs will not be reuploaded once they expire. Comment if you download.

Energy - Get Away [ Mandarin ; Rock ] -- I don't know why I even kept this song in the first place. It's just one bad attempt at rock in my opinion.

Hamasaki Ayumi - Who... (Blue Obsession Mix) ~Acoustic Orchestra Version~ [ Japanese ; Ballad ] -- I love the original version of Who... but this one just seems kind of...messy? It's a bit mellow but I think there's too much going on in the instrumentals.

Hitomi - Innocence [ Japanese ; Pop/Ballad ] -- Okay song I think...I'm just a little bored of it. It takes a while for the song to actually pick up, like maybe 2 minutes. Hitomi songs sound kind of similiar, maybe its just something about her vocals.

Horie Yui - Egao no Mirai e [ Japanese ; Pop ] -- I used to be really into Horie Yui but now I think I'm kind of past the standard shoujo type anime songs.

Horie Yui - Insistence [ Japanese ; Pop ] -- Same as above. She has a really cute voice though.

Jang Nara - Keul Roo Mi Seon Deh Ee [ Korean ; Pop ] -- *shrug* Just doesn't appeal to me anymore.

Jang Nara - Gobaek [ Korean ; Ballad ] -- Pretty ballad, I just don't listen to ballads much anymore nowadays. This one took me some time to decide if I was going to delete or not.

Jay Chou - Qi Li Xiang [Mandarin ; Ballad ]-- Not a bad song, I'm just not that much into it.

Jessa Zaragoza - First Love [English ; Ballad ] -- WORST VERSION OF FIRST LOVE EVER. Okay...I just don't like her voice. It's sounds so muddled (is that a word?).

JEWELRY - Again [ Korean ; Pop ] -- Nice pop song...just doesn't appeal to me anymore.

Jolin Tsai - Hao De Mao [ Mandarin ; Pop ] -- Same as above.

Jolin Tsai - Jiu Shi Ai [ Mandarin ; Pop ] -- Same as above.

Liang Yong Qi - You Shi Hou [ Mandarin ; Ballad ] -- I think I have too many ballads.

Lion King - Be Prepared [ Japanese ; Disney ] -- Uhhhhh...iono.

Lion King - Be Prepared [ Mandarin ; Disney ] -- Uhhhhh...iono either. I think the Chinese vocal for Scar is even worse than the Japanese vocal.

I think that's it for now. Tired of uploading now :P
15 May 2006 @ 09:57 pm
Finally got around to deleting some songs. I'll upload more later...kind of tired now ^^

Songs will not be reuploaded once they expire (for obvious reasons...I dont have them anymore). Usual rules apply, comment if you take.

12 Girls Band - Miracle [ N/A ; Instrumental ]
12 Girls Band - Toki No Nagare Ni Mi O Makase [ N/A ; Instrumental ]

BoA - Nobody But You [ Japanese ; Pop ]
BoA - Nothing's Gonna Change [ Japanese ; Ballad ]
BoA - Power [ Japanese ; Pop ]
BoA - Share Your Heart (With Me) [ Japanese ; Pop/Ballad ]
BoA - Don't Start Now [ Japanese ; Pop ]
BoA - Amazing Kiss [ Japanese ; Pop ]
BoA - Happiness [ Japanese ; Pop ]

BoA - Time to Begin [ Korean ; Pop ]
BoA - Tree [ Korean ; Ballad ]
BoA - Where Are You [ Korean ; Ballad ]
BoA - So Much In Love [ Korean ; Pop ]
BoA - Endless Sorrow [ Korean ; Ballad ]
BoA - The Show Must Go On [ Korean ; Pop ]

BoA - The Lights of Seoul [ English ; Pop ]
BoA - Listen To My Heart [ English ; Pop ]
BoA - No. 1 [ English ; Pop ]
BoA - Valenti [ English ; Pop ]
BoA - Double [ English ; Pop ]
BoA - Every Heart [ English ; Pop/Ballad ]

Um...sorry it's like all BoA. I have so many BoA songs and so many just had to go. On the bright side, this takes care of all of the BoA songs I'm deleting (for now anyway) so yeah...next one will have an actual variety ^^;;
10 May 2006 @ 09:19 pm
I'm sorry I've neglected this mLJ for so long without any update or news or anything. School's just been a pain...and I haven't been able to come home to make any updates until now. I'll try for an update sometime soon...I'll need to clean out some of my music so like before, I'll upload the songs before I delete them for anyone who wants them. ^^

But yes...summer break is here so I will go back to uploading songs from time to time...I think the only change that will be made around here is that I won't do super large updates anymore...like 10 songs+. They take too long and too much effort =/ Smaller updates are always better anyway.
11 February 2006 @ 08:56 pm
I hate to be the bringer of bad news but I won't be able to upload the songs ._.

I couldn't make it home this weekend due to something coming up that was beyond my control. To be honest, I don't know when I'll be able to go home next. Not having a car really bites :x I'll try to make a MV update some time soon since it's been a while since I've made any kind of an update. Again I'm sorry. I've been really busy with school and such lately.

For now, pluggage to two new communities in case they strike any one's interests.

pinyin -- From Chinese characters to Pin Yin and vice versa
romanize -- From Japanese characters to Romaji and vice versa

In a nutshell, we basically pinyinize (made up word) and romanize (made up word again) anything you have in mind :) The only exception is song lyrics as there are other communities for that. We provide translations too if you need them as well.
09 February 2006 @ 05:32 pm
First 6 requests that I get will be posted on the next update. REQUESTS CLOSED

Only request from my list.
Limit 1 request per person.
No vague requests please (ie. anything by so and so)

Currently requested:

Tata Young - Bad Boys, Sad Girls
Phantom of the Opera - The Phantom of the Opera (Korean)
KISS - Because I'm A Girl (English)
Tommy February6 - Sepia Memory
As One - Sarang (Trance Edit)
Cyndi Wang - Meng De Guang Dian
bless4 - Gajumaru no Shita De
Lee Jung Hyun - Karuma

And yes, I'm only taking 6. Sorry for the small amount but I don't have too much time this weekend to be uploading a bunch of songs. School's a pain x_x;

For future note, please do not request any songs on my entries. I can't make mp3 updates as often as I could during the summer or something so it's easy for me to forget what you request a few weeks down the road. You're welcome to remind me though on a post such as this if you would still like them but depending on the amount I get, I can't guarentee I will be able to upload everything :)
25 January 2006 @ 08:37 pm
Total comments: 21

Total # of downloads:

Life Is Like A Boat - 95
Jiu Shi Wo - 93

(and this is just for the last update which was only 2 MVs. the mp3 stats are even worse)

Time it takes you to leave a comment: 5 seconds (no LJ account needed)
Time it takes me to make each update: 30 minutes to 2 hours

(the MVs took about 30 minutes. mp3s usually take me 1-2 hours)

I need not say more.
01. Comment if you download. No LJ account needed.
02. Support the artists. Purchase the CD.
03. Videos will not be reuploaded if they expire.

Okay...so really short update but it's an update nevertheless =P School's annoying but I'll try to have another update sometime soon, maybe this weekend or early next week. More comments will really motivate me *cough* :)

Life Is Like A Boat
Artist: Rie Fu
Language: English/Japanese
File Size: 50.7 MB
Type: Ballad
Rating: A+
Comments: Rie Fu's Life Is Like A Boat is the first ending them to the anime, Bleach. It's a really gorgeous ballad. The lyrics to it are amazing and they really describe life very well. Half of the song is in English so whether or not you understand Japanese, you'll really get into this song. Most of Rie Fu's songs sound the same and I have to say that I'm not a fan of her but I heart this song. It just flows so well.

Jiu Shi Wo (It's Me)
Artist: JJ Lin
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
File Size: 8.23 MB
Type: Pop
Rating: A+
Comments: Jiu Shi Wo is a real toe tapper...well, unless youre the dancing type, then its a real dance~ish song (I'm bad with adjectives). The MV's not too bad, mostly just dance scenes although there are short scenes here and there towards the beginning of JJ Lin and a girl. If you're into JJ Lin, I'm sure you've heard this song so thus you already know what a great song it is.

If anyone is interested in a Japanese translation LJ, check out ryochan11189. He's already translated quite a few songs and he takes requests are well if you have anything in mind that you want translated. He is Japanese so all translations will be accurate.

And here is the story about my tags as a couple people have pointed this out :) I know that tags will still work without the underscore. So why do I have them? Back when tags first came out, LJ went through this period of time where all tags that had a space in between then would not work. So, I changed them all to underscores. By the the time LJ fixed the problem, I really didn't want to go through and change ALL of my tags so I leave them as underscores. Looks ugly but maybe I'll do something about them during the summer when I'm bored and I have several hours on my hands.
09 January 2006 @ 03:25 pm
Some songs I've deleted. Songs will not be reuploaded once they expire. Usual rules apply, comment if you take.

Alex Fong - Cute or Not [ Cantonese ; Ballad ]
Da Mo Da Lang - 2002 Nian de Di Yi Chang Xue [ Mandarin ; Traditional/Ballad ]
Edison Chen - My Best Love [ Cantonese ; Ballad ]
F4 - Liu Xing Yu [ Mandarin ; Ballad ]
Jang Nara - Quan Shi Jie Xia Yu [ Mandarin ; Pop/Rock ]
Jerry Yan - Ge Li [ Mandarin ; Ballad ]
Jerry Yan - Wo Shi Zhen De Zhen De Hen Ai Ni [ Mandarin ; Ballad ]
Jerry Yan - Zuo Ge Hao Qing Ren [ Mandarin ; Ballad ]

dream - Believe in you [ Japanese ; Pop ]
Every Little Thing - Pray [ Japanese ; Pop ]
Folder5 - AMAZING LOVE [ Japanese ; Pop ]
Folder5 - GEMINI [ Japanese ; Pop ]
Hayami Kishimoto - Air Mail [ Japanese ; Pop ]
Hayashibara Megumi - Oversoul [ Japanese ; Pop ]
Hiro - Hikari No Naka De [ Japanese ; Ballad ]
Horie Yui - Ohayou [ Japanese ; Pop ]
Horie Yui - Sakura [ Japanese ; Pop ]
Horie Yui - Tsubasa [ Japanese ; Pop ]
Kawabe Chieco - Quiet Riot [ Japanese ; Pop ]
Kawada Mami - Radiance [ Japanese ; Pop ]
KOKIA - Different way [ Japanese ; Pop/Ballad ]
KOKIA - The Rule Of The Universe [ Japanese ; Pop/Ballad ]
KOTOKO - CODA ~Kagari~ -Album Mix- [ Japanese ; Pop ]
KOTOKO - Just As Time Is Running Out [ Japanese ; Pop ]

Chae Yeon - Two Of Us [ Korean ; Pop ]
Eugene - Feel Me [ Korean ; Ballad/R&B ]
Eugene - Rainy Day [ Korean ; Ballad/R&B ]
Lee Jung Hyun - Miweoyo [ Korean ; Pop/Techno ]

DDR - WWW.BLONDE GIRL (Momo Mix) [ English ; Eurodance/Techno ]
KISS - Without You [ English ; Ballad ]

Okay, I'm tired of uploading. This already took over an hour. Maybe I'll delete more songs another time.

§ Please leave a comment if you download! You don't need a LJ account.
§ Support the artists if you like them by purchasing the CD from YesAsia or CD Japan.
§ The music genres might not always be correct. I'm not perfect <3
§ Nothing will be reuploaded once they expire.
§ Songs will be removed if they have have not been downloaded for 30 days.

There are some news/updates/notices at the bottom of this update. Please read them. Don't worry, there's nothing to be scared of. Everything posted will be beneficial to you, I promise :)

YouSendIt links will expire January 11 or after 25 downloads, whichever comes first.


Title: Butterfly (Hyper K Mix) / Butterfly (Upswing Mix)
Artist: SMilE.dk
Album: Unknown
Language: English
File Size: 2.70 MB / 1.95 MB
Type: Techno/Eurodance
Rating: A
Comments: SMiLE.dk's Butterfly is a very well known DDR song. It has a nice traditional feel to it yet still awesomely packed with a techno beat. Both of these are remixes of the original song. The Upswing Mix is faster than the Hyper K Mix but the Hyper K Mix has a bit more difference to it. There really isn't too much difference.

Title: Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Japanese Version)
Artist: Lion King
Album: Unknown
Language: Japanese
File Size: 2.71 MB
Type: Techno/Eurodance
Rating: A-
Comments: Timon and Pumbaa in Japanese will always crack me up. They are hilarious. Can You Feel The Love Tonight has always been a favorite song of mine, no matter what language its in. Simba and Nala have softer voices in the Japanese versions but still fitting for the song. I think Nala's voice could have been better but oh well.

Title: Colors (Lampire Remix)
Artist: Utada Hikaru
Album: Unknown
Language: Japanese
File Size: 3.74 MB
Type: Pop/Remix
Rating: A
Comments: Colors is one of the earliest Hikki songs I managed to stumble across and its still one of my favorites. If you like the original version of Colors, you'll love the remix even more. The Lampire Remix adds a nice touch to the original song, giving it better sound...and not to mention its more upbeat but then again, it IS a remix.

Title: Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)
Artist: My Neighbor Totoro
Album: Unknown
Language: Japanese
File Size: 3.90 MB
Type: Pop/Anime
Rating: A+
Comments: Who hasn't heard of Totoro? Tonari no Totoro is the main theme of the anime. It's a very carefree and cheerful song. Very cute <3

Artist: DDR
Album: DDR 5TH MIX
Language: English
File Size: 3.97 MB / 1.40 MB
Type: Pop/Dance
Rating: A / A+
Comments: I know the original MOONLIGHT SHADOW was requested but I had to upload the New Vocal Version as well. In my opinion, it's so much better. The vocals are more fitting. MOONLIGHT SHADOW is not crazily fast but it's a very addicting song that you just have to listen to over and over again. It has a very nice, mystical feel to it. EDIT -- Full version of the New Vocal Version is up! Thanks to _forluna.

Title: Toki no Shuu
Artist: Matsu Takako
Album: Toki no Shuu
Language: English
File Size: 7.69 MB
Type: Pop/Dance
Rating: A / A+
Comments: I have no idea why I had Toki no Fune on my mp3 list. It's definite that that list was just a huge mess, thus I got rid of it. To the person who requested this, I'm sorry if you thought Toki no Fune was another song but I think the actual name of this song is Toki no Shuu. Correct me if I'm wrong. Toki no Shuu is a light little ballad. Matsu Takako has a very crisp sounding voice, fitting for her ballads.

Title: Da Qi Jing Shen Lai
Artist: Cyndi Wang
Album: Cyndi With U
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
File Size: 5.78 MB
Type: Pop/Ballad
Rating: A+
Comments: Another Shimatani Hitomi cover by Cyndi Wang, not surprised. Da Qi Jing Shen Lai is a cover of Genki o Dashite. Cyndi's version isn't that different from the original, in a way I like it better although Cyndi and Shimatani vocals are very much simiilar. The song has a nice cheerful feel to it that just makes you want to smile.

Kelly Chen - GRACE [ALBUM]
Tracks 01-04 + cover
Tracks 05-08
Tracks 09-12

First thing to be deleted. Kelly Chen usually sings Cantonese/Mandarin songs but GRACE is a Japanese album. I've had the album for a while but I never really got into it. Her songs on it just seemed flat and lacks a lot of the emotion and depth that you generally should expect from a song. But in case anyone's interested, feel free to take. Maybe you'll like it more than me :)

And the stuff stuff...

First things first. If you downloaded the Dang (When) song by Alec Su, please change the artist name to Dong Li Huo Che (Powerstation). Thanks to kandi_heartz & pop2popz for correcting me.

Second, I've changed some of the info on the userinfo page. Please glance at it as I've changed some of the things I do around here since I first started the LJ :)

Third, if you didn't catch my last post, I am currently deleting songs off my computer to make room for new ones. Songs will be uploaded before they are deleted and will be posted here in case anyone wants them.

Fourth, from now on, no more crazed messed up mp3 list that I typed out by hand. It was getting hard to manage so I got rid of it and made a new one that will be 99.9% mistake-free.

I think that's it? Sorry for the small update this time.